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  1. a loud resonant repeating noise
  2. a serious accident (usually involving one or more vehicles)
  3. a sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures)
  4. the act of colliding with something
  5. (computer science) an event that causes a computer system tobecome inoperative
  6. bang; banging sound
  7. collision
  8. accidental hitting
  9. computer system failure
  1. fall or come down violently
  2. move with, or as if with, a crashing noise
  3. undergo damage or destruction on impact
  4. move violently as through a barrier
  5. break violently or noisily
  6. smash
  7. occupy, usually uninvited
  8. enter uninvited
  9. informal
  10. cause to crash
  11. hurl or thrust violently
  12. undergo a sudden and severe downturn
  13. stop operating
  14. sleep in a convenient place
  15. break into pieces
  16. fall

crash Sentences in English

  1. अकस्मात  =  action
    A crash dive

  2. अल्प  =  course
    A crash course in conversational french

  3. छोटा  =  plan
    A crash programme of railway modernization

  4. क्रैश  =  intensive
    Crash course in computer programming.

  5. हल्का  =  light
    He wanted to loose weight so he went on a crash diet

  6. चूर चूर होकर  =  manner
    He vase fell crash on to the tiles.

  7. कड़कड़ाकर  =  manner
    The chandelier landed crash on the floor

  8. जमीन पर गिरना  =  accident
    N air crash.

  9. दुर्घटना  =  accident
    They are still investigating the crash of the plane

  10. गिरावट  =  collapse
    The crash of the new york stock exchange

  11. साख की समाप्ति  =  collapse
    He great financial crash in 1929 ruined international trade.

  12. झगड़ा  =  dispute
    There is a crash between anil and john

  13. धमाका  =  loud noise
    He tree fell with a great crash.

  14. कड़कड़ाहट  =  sound
    A crash of the thunder

  15. घनघनाहट  =  sound
    He could hear the crash of distant bells

  16. टक्कर
    They are still investigating the crash of the twa plane.

  17. गिरना  =  airplane thing
    The plane crashed into the ocean

  18. टकराना  =  human destroy thing
    John crashed his car last night

  19. घुसाना  =  place vehicle
    The terorists crashed the car into the gate of the palace

  20. टकराना  =  thing vehicle
    John crashed his car into a wall

  21. फेंकना  =  human, throw, place
    She crashed the plates on the table

  22. बिना बुलाये जाना  =  human meeting
    They crashed the meeting

  23. बिना बुलाये जाना  =  human party
    He crashed the party

  24. गुजारना  =  human, place
    She crashed on her floor tonight

  25. उतरना  =  human, place
    The pilot crashed on the earth by the parashute

  26. खराब होना  =  machine
    My computer crashed last night

  27. ढह जाना  =  thing, collapse
    The houses of villagers crashed due to the floods

  28. टकराना  =  vehicle thing
    The car crashed into the lamp post

  29. उतारना  =  event airplane
    The pilot crashed the airplane on the earth due to bad weather

  30. नष्ट करना  =  destroy airplane
    They crashed the enemy's airplane

  31. नीचे गिराना  =  fall airplane
    They crashed the enemy's airplane

  32. नष्ट करना  =  collapse thing
    They crashed all the things

  33. टकराना  =  collision
    He plane crashed .

  34. समाप्त करना  =  end
    They crashed the project within two months

  35. धमाके से गिरना  =  fall, noisily
    He rocks crashed onto the car.

  36. गिरना  =  fall
    The market crashed due to higher prices of goods

  37. चिंघाड़ते हुए जाना  =  move volitional thing
    An angry elephant crashing through the undergrowth

  38. तोड़ फोड़ मचाना  =  move, violently
    N enraged elephant crashing about in the under growth.

  39. धम से रखना  =  put, noisily
    He crashed the plates on the table.

  40. गड़गड़ना  =  roar
    He thunder crashed.

  41. गड़गड़ाना  =  sound thing
    Rocks came crashing onto the car

  42. कड़कना  =  sound thunder
    The thunder crashed overhead

  43. बरबाद होना  =  business
    The company crashed with debts of 2$ million

  44. गिरना  =  business
    The new york stock exchange crashed in 1929

  45. मारना  =  human
    He crashed me

  46. समाप्त करना  =  project
    They crashed the project within two months

  47. घुसाना  =  vehicle
    The terorists crashed the car into the gate of the palace

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