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  1. people having the same social or economic status
  2. a body of students who are taught together
  3. education imparted in a series of lessons or class meetings
  4. a collection of things sharing a common attribute
  5. a body of students who graduate together
  6. a league ranked by quality
  7. elegance in dress or behavior
  8. (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
  9. group in school
  1. arrange or order by classes or categories
  2. categorize
  1. stylish; with panache

class Sentences in English

  1. अच्छा  =  attitude
    He has a class attitude

  2. अच्छा  =  clothes
    He wore a class shirt on his birthday

  3. श्रेणी का  =  compartment
    Second class compartment

  4. दर्जे का  =  group
    Second class group

  5. अच्छा  =  human
    What a class girl!

  6. सर्वोत्कृष्ठ  =  human
    A class player

  7. उतम  =  rank
    He got a class rank in the society

  8. खूबसूरत  =  quality
    His girlfriend has real class

  9. मस्त  =  quality
    What a class fellow!

  10. कक्षा  =  classroom
    Can show me your class

  11. वर्गीकरण  =  biology
    The class of plants,animals

  12. रँगरुट  =  military, soldier
    The 1946 class

  13. वर्ग  =  caste
    She came from lower class

  14. वर्ग  =  category
    Different classes of animals

  15. संगत  =  company
    He spoiled his carrier by living among bad class

  16. श्रेणी  =  degree
    Which class did you get

  17. वर्ग  =  division
    We were in the same class

  18. गुणवत्ता  =  excellence
    She is good performer,but she lacks class

  19. व्याख्यान  =  lecture
    I have a class at 9 o'clock

  20. क्लास  =  lecture
    I have a class of hindi at 9 o'clock

  21. पाठ  =  lesson
    There are 28 class in this hindi book

  22. गुणवत्ता  =  quality
    The team tries hard but it lacks class

  23. श्रेणी  =  rank
    I got first class in

  24. दर्जा  =  status
    What is your class in the society

  25. वर्ग  =  student
    A remedial class is difficult to teach

  26. कक्षा  =  student
    Early morning classes are always sleepy.

  27. छात्र  =  student
    The class had arrived on time for the lecture

  28. वर्गीकरण करना  =  biology volitional thing
    They classed the animals into five parts

  29. वर्गीकरण करना  =  classify
    Animals can be classed into several groups

  30. समझना  =  consider
    In some countries,people who disagree with the government are classed as crimanals

  31. श्रेणीबध्द करना  =  goods
    He classed the chairs in different ranges

  32. पंक्तिबध्द करना  =  human
    The teacher classed the students

  33. क्रमबध्द ढंग से अलग करना करना  =  thing
    How would you class these pottery shards--are they prehistoric

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