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  1. soft and mild
  2. give a title to someone
  3. make someone a member of the nobility
  4. stroke soothingly
  5. having a mild or kind nature
  6. mild
  7. temperate in effect on senses
  8. of noble birth

gentle Sentences in English

  1. हल्का  =  action
    Gentle rainfall.

  2. सौम्य  =  curve
    The slope is quite gentle

  3. विनम्र  =  manner
    A gentle manner.

  4. मामूली  =  slope
    A slope is quite gentle

  5. धीमा  =  voice
    Her voice is gentle

  6. मंद  =  voice
    Her voice is gentle

  7. हल्का  =  wind
    Gental breeze

  8. मंद  =  wind
    Gental breeze

  9. धीमा  =  fast and slow
    Her voice is gentle.

  10. मामूली  =  flat-steep
    The slope is quite gentle,not a flat steep

  11. शांत  =  mental condition
    His mind is gentle

  12. हल्का  =  mild
    A gentle breeze

  13. कुलीन  =  state
    She is a gentle-woman

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